How To Bet On Football in Kenya

Many people consider football the king of all sports. If you are among them, and also enjoy betting on soccer events, then this guide will please you a great deal. You will find out how to bet on football, best football betting strategies, the most popular betting types, and many more.

Best football betting sites

The table below provides an overview of the top 3 sites for betting on football in Kenya. When beginning to learn how to bet on football events, it is recommended to start with a reputed operator that provides the best odds, a wide range of markets, special promos and other features that can enhance your sports betting experience and improve your winning chances.

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Best football events to bet on

Punters that want to know the basics of how to bet on football could start with some of the best football tournaments from all around the world, as listed below:

Africa Cup of Nations

This years 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) will take place from 21 June – 19 July and will be hosted by Egypt.

The Africa Cup of Nations is a tournament organised every two years by the Confederation of African Football. At first, it was held every January/February but was recently moved to June/July while expanding from 16 teams to 24 teams starting in 2019.

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations  was scheduled to be hosted by Cameroon, title holders of the previous edition, but infrastructural delays, among other issues, have led to enabling Egypt to host the event instead.

That aside, the AFCON is a tournament that was first held in 1957. Today, AFCON has turned into one of the Top 3 football events and a tournament enjoying world fame and prestige. A total of 24 participants fight for the Africa Cup this year. The event is held in odd-numbered years, so that AFCON and FIFA don’t clash with one another.

Many of those who like to bet on football choose the African Cup of Nations, especially because African Cup of Nations betting 2019 isn’t just focused on the tournament itself. There are many betting websites offering odds on qualification matches too. With so many teams of quality, Outright betting can offer plenty of value for those looking for how to bet on football.

Cameroon is the defending champion, but teams such as Nigeria, Egypt, or Ivory Coast are also among the favourites. Take a look at the groups in the AFCON Group Phase to get a better idea of who the country teams are competing against.

The 2019 AFCON Groups

Group A: Egypt, Zimbabwe, Uganda, DR Congo

Group B: Madagascar, Burundi, Guinea, Nigeria

Group C: Kenya, Tanzania, Algeria, Senegal

Group D: Namibia, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Morocco

Group E: Angola, Mauritania, Mali, Tunisia

Group F: Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Ghana, Cameroon

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The World Cup

Last summer, the 2018 World Cup played out in Russia, offering a thrilling spectacle to fans of the sport, who saw France emerging victorious. The next tournament will be organised by Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup. Formally known as FIFA World Cup, the World Cup is held every four years and determines the sport’s global leader and draws billions of TV viewers with every tournament. Indicatively, the 2014 World Cup tuned nearly 50% of the world’s population (3.2 billion).

As for the average attendance per game at the same time was nearly 55,000 fans. The first competition ever was won by Uruguay in 1930 and was organised by the FIFA (Federations Internationale de Football Association). The country with the most titles is Brazil (5 out of the 20 times the World Cup has been played).

UEFA Champions League

The competition is held annually and sees the top European clubs racing for the first place that will award them the European Champion Club’s Cup. It is also one of the most prestigious and watched sporting events out there, counting more than 60 years of history. As of now, 22 clubs have won the competition (most of them English), with Real Madrid being the most successful club in the history of the tournament (13 times the champion).

The tournament’s popularity grows by the year. The 2018 Champions League Final took place in Ukraine (Kyiv), where Madrid was once again the champ after defeating Liverpool in the finals, and qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup.

UEFA European Championship

Also referred to as Euro, the UEFA European Championship is another quadrennial soccer event that determines the European Champion of the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations); comprising of a total of 24 national teams. Most of the times, the Euro is hosted by up to two countries. However, the 2020 Euro will celebrate the tournament’s 60 years by allowing 13 different countries to host the competition.

Women’s World Cup

This is definitely one of the best, most highly anticipated, and biggest soccer competitions for women and is held every four years. The 2019 Women’s World Cup will be held in France, where we will see twenty-four of the best women’s national soccer teams compete for the World Cup Champion title. A total of nine cities throughout France are expected to serve as venues for the Women’s World Cup, hosting games.

Main football betting markets

The first step towards finding out how to bet on football is to know the basics, starting with the betting types. Below are three of the most common ones.

Double Bet

It is one of the most popular soccer bets, and the easiest way to start learning how to bet on football. It basically means that you select two picks which you believe will win.

Say, for example, that you think that Atletico Madrid will beat Juventus and Lyon will beat Barcelona as illustrated in the case above. If you backed Atletico Madrid and Lyon as singles and both won, you would not have earned as much (2.79+4.18 odds as single stakes is 6.97 odd) as you will if you know how to bet on football doubles (the odd of the two combined is over 11.00). So, basically, doubles are very handy if you want to back odds-on selections. Of course, you win when both picks win.


Trebles are bets that comprise of thee outcomes. So, in the example above, let’s add another option and back Liverpool to beat Bayern. Again, if all three choices win, you return a profit.

If you were to back all three selections as singles and bet Ksh50 on each individual bet, your return on Atletico Madrid would only be Ksh 139 with 2.79 odd. Likewise, you would get Ksh 200 if Lyon won, and another Ksh 102 if Liverpool beat Bayern.

So, the total would be much less than the Ksh 1189.54 a treble bet would give you. Therefore, the more selections you add, the more potential profits you compound, which is what makes them an appealing option to bettors. Nevertheless, if you are just learning how to bet on football, it is best to leave it aside for a while as the risks increase with trebles and it is harder to win consistently.

Trixie Bet

Now that you know the fundamental bet types, you may learn how to bet on football using a Trixie bet, which is a bet that covers all possible accumulators and trebles across the number of selections you pick. For that reason, it is also regarded as a full cover bet and enables you to select four lines in total (four options/selections).

Trixie bets are a good option when you want to boost your winning chances. With a Trixie, if one of your selections loses, you may still earn some money from a winning double. Just take note that a Trixie bet makes sense when the winning double can cover the three losing lines. Otherwise, it is best to go with a treble only. Note that you may see a Trixie bet referred as Yankee bet or 4-fold too.

Football betting strategies

First and foremost, before you learn how to be on football, it is critical that you are very confident and straightforward about what to bet and how. Always bear in mind the following notes before start betting on a team:

Team Performance

Check the recent performances and form of the team. If you can’t track such details or if they are unavailable, read the recent match reports. The idea is to figure out why was the team unlucky (for the match they’ve previously lost). Was it because the goalkeeper of the opposing team was in great shape that day? Something else?


You need to get your hands on home and away stats. Some teams perform better away while others are doing better at home ground.

Condition of players

Make sure you check for suspensions and injuries. Will any players be missing from the next game? Are they important? Who is replacing them? What are his/her records?

Team morale/aspirations

How important is it for the team to win the game? Are they on the verge to be promoted or relegated? Do they have eyes locked on an international cup or a domestic one? Is it possible that the game they are about to play is more important than the previous one? Did their previous loss demoralise them?

Team schedule

If the team has had a really tight schedule in the previous time, chances are they are quite exhausted.

Team value

You can find out a team’s value for any given match if you estimate the chances the team has to win according to your opinion (as a percentage), find the best decimal price for that prediction (the team to win), and multiply it with your percentage. If you get a number over 1.00, then it is worth placing a bet.

Take note that it is best not to bet at the beginning of the season; you need stats to analyse the form of the team.

Also, betting on league matches is more likely to provide you with more consistent recent team form. Finally, compare the returns from various bookmakers to determine the best possible return on your bet, and then bet on the smallest combination of results possible. Accumulators with more than four stakes will indeed give you more profits, but they are a difficult catch.

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