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Of the many betting sites in Kenya, Betway is one of the best. It might be relatively unknown in the Kenyan betting industry (started in 2015) but many Kenyans are already using it to win thousands of shillings. In this Betway review, we will look at the reasons why many young Kenyans are turning to the site for their daily betting needs. And as usual, we will also tell you everything you need to know about the availability of a Betway Bonus and the Betway Promotional Voucher Code.

We will also take a look at the markets, the website, and then give you our recommendation in the end.

Betway Promotional Voucher Code and Betway offer

We all love bonuses. In fact, to many people, the availability or the absence of a sign-up bonus is the deal breaker. Unfortunately, Betway Kenya does not have a sign-up bonus. So there isn’t any Betway Promotional Voucher Code as of now.

However, this shouldn’t put you off. There is an indication that Betway Kenya might introduce a Betway bonus in the future. They have included an optional space for you to enter the Betway Promotional Voucher Code on their registration page. Also, this betting company more than adequately makes up for the lack of a sign-up bonus with its many other exciting features.

On top of that there is a betway jackpot section where you can enter a betway sign up code. We are working on acquiring a sign up code, so in the meantime you can read more about what Betway Jackpot entails here.

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Betway referral code

A referral code aka refer-a-friend code is a set of numbers that you can give to your friends to key in when registering. Bookmakers with referral codes often give bonuses to those who refer their friends. Sadly, there also isn’t any Betway referral code.

Registering on the Betway Sportsbook

Betway Kenya registration
Registration is relatively simple. Initially, Betway sportsbook only requires you to put in your mobile number and password. You then need to accept the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. It is as simple as that.

It is important to note that your mobile number will act as your username when logging in. Also, you need to update your profile by filling in the rest of your personal details like your name, address, etc.

It is crucial to enter the correct information as this will come in handy in case you win something big and they need you to prove that the account is yours.

Betway Jackpot

Betway Kenya bonus jackpot
We all love jackpots! That’s why lotto games have become so popular in the country. However, Lotto involves a lot of guess work and literally zero skills involved. That’s why the chances of winning them are so slim. Football jackpots are easier to win. You just have to predict the outcomes of teams that have possibly played before (making prediction much easier).

Betway has got three of them (football jackpots). All the jackpots are worth more than 10 million shillings with the highest one at over 45 million shillings as of the time of writing this review. It is possible to sign up for this feature using a specific betway sign up code. Currently, we do not have a code available but we will let you know as soon as we do.

The biggest difference between the Betway jackpot and other jackpots is that this one has got set amounts for those who miss the main jackpot by one, two or three matches. The other unique thing about the betwayjackpots feature is that one of them involves just predicting the scores of six matches for a hefty jackpot of prize money. So, there might be no Betway bonus, but there are ways of making much more money on Betway.

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Betway Kenya Website

As a relatively new company, you would expect Betway to have a more modern digital platform. They do! In fact, they exceeded our expectations in this regard. The Betway website is one of the best betting sites in the country. Its user interface is simple and easy to navigate. Everything is placed in the right place and can be accessed by perhaps one or two clicks. The website is also comparatively light, which is good for those of us who don’t have lots of time to wait for heavy websites to load.

Betway Markets and Betway odds

Betway has everything that most of us would like to bet on. They’ve got football, rugby, basketball, boxing, golf, and several other exciting sports that most Kenyans would like to bet on. The best thing about the Betway Kenya market is the presence of easily accessible stats. On the side of every match/ event, there is a stats button that you can click to view the recent form of the teams or individuals facing off in the match. This will help you make informed match predictions.

With regards to Betway odds, things are even better. We compared the odds on this site to those of the other sites we have reviewed on this website and we found that Betway has the best odds. In other words, if you bet on the same game with the same amount of money on the top five betting sites in Kenya, you will most likely get the most returns on Betway.

What this means is that even without a Betway bonus, you can maximise your profits with every bet you place on this site.

In-play betting

Perhaps the thing that sets Betway Kenya apart is the fact that it is the only major site in Kenya that offers live betting. Now this is major! With live betting, you can wait for a match to start so as to gauge the form of your favourite team. You can then make a more accurate prediction perhaps after the first 20 or 30 minutes have been played. Betway’s live betting is sleek and modern.

Most English Premier League games are available for live betting. And if you are a fan of Spanish football, worry not. Plenty of La Liga games are also available for in-play betting.

If there was a Betway bonus this could be thebest way to spend it!

The deposit and withdrawal methods available

Depositing and withdrawing your cash on Betway is nice and simple. Betway Kenya has two mobile money payment options available – Airtel and MPESA. This means you can deposit and withdraw money fast and conveniently from anywhere in the country. Also, with Airtel, there is the advantage of free withdrawals, cheaper withdrawals, and free transfer of cash to other Airtel money and even MPESA customers for sums worth up to Ksh 35,000.

Betway Customer Service

Of the many positive things about this site, the support provided by Betway to its customers is also worth a mention. First of all the company has tried to answer most of the questions most customers would have if they are new to the site. Important information such as “How to Bet?” and other FAQs are available right below the link to the Betway APP on the footer.

If you are like us and you like asking questions more personally by engaging the customer service, then you are in luck. Betway also has some of the most responsive customer care representatives on social media. Contact them via their official twitter account @betwayKEsupport. They also have a Facebook account and are more easily accessible on phone (less waiting times) compared to the other major betting companies.

Betway App

It’s unfortunate that quite a number of local betting companies don’t have apps. It is even more unfortunate that the few apps that exist are not of international standards. But the good news is that Betway is different! If you’ve ever been frustrated by the hanging apps or those that log you out randomly then you will love the Betway app.

It is stable, easy-to-navigate, and consumes way less data. You can also refine the games more to quickly get your game or games of choice.

Betway Casino

There is no doubt that most local bookmakers have online casinos on them. Betway is no different. Its casino has quite a number of easy-to-play games for those days when there are no popular matches to bet on. The games have free-to-play versions for those who like sampling things before committing themselves. This is the part of Betway where you can win huge sums of money instantaneously. So if you are into that kind of thing then click on the casino tab in the header to see the variety of games you can play on Betway casino.


Team sponsorships

Betway is a global franchise. They have branches all over Africa including in Uganda, Ghana and South Africa. In short, they are a big deal! They are also the current shirt sponsors of West Ham Football Club! The fact that they sponsor a team in the EPL means they have deep running pockets. And that is important to you because it means they can and they will pay you your millions if you happen to win any of their jackpots.

Our Conclusion and Recommendation

As you have seen, there are plenty of exciting features on Betway Kenya. From what we have gathered, this site is the one to watch in Kenya. There might be no Betway Bonus or Betway promotional voucher code but there are several ways you can maximise your profits using this site. For example, they have in-play betting and some of the best odds on the market; features which allow you to make money on almost every bet you stake.

Our recommendation is that you should sign up with Betway. They offer good odds that you shouldn’t miss. There is also the likelihood of a possible future Betway bonus. You will love betting with them because they have loads of exciting features. Sign up now to start earning money with every bet!

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